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Photo Expeditions

We offer guided trips and tours to special photographic destinations for small groups of photographers.

Each expedition is designed to provide ample opportunities for photography while some trips include

topical workshops on site appropriate aspects of photography.

Special requests for trips are welcome as we can usually find other photographers who are interested in

joining in to form a group to make your idea a reality.


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Upcoming Photo Expedition:

Vanuatu with Steven Clegg ••• Sept. 9 to Sept. 17, 2016

A message from Steven Clegg:

"Join me for a lifetime opportunity to be fully immersed in the uniquely diverse
and nearly unspoiled environment as well as the culture of Vanuatu, a group of small
islands in the South Pacific. I have been working in Vanuatu for 15 years, and living for

extended periods in both remote village communities and the capital city. Now I would like

to invite a small group to join me in my return home to Vanuatu, to experience this genuine

lifestyle as well as to experience the culture and geography that visitors would

never be able to access. Vanuatu is my home.  I am inviting you to experience my life and

that of my friends and family.

Your safety and security are my priority. In order to provide a relaxing and problem-free expedition,

I expect that all members of the expedition respect the local culture and behave accordingly. We will

be visiting sacred areas which require specific protocol to access. As we will be in very remote

areas with no immediate access to medical or emergency services so you must be in a state

of health adequate for a few days of moderate physical exertion. Ambrym Island has very limited

infrastructure, meaning access to electricity will be very limited.

I speak the national language fluently and I understand several local
languages. I am a volcanologist and a photographer.  I have successfully led
more than 30 scientific and photographic expeditions to several of Vanuatu’s

erupting volcanoes, and volcanic expeditions across the US, South America and

New Zealand. My work for the past decade is lead disaster response teams across the Asia and

Pacific regions.  For any emergencies I will have a satellite phone and first aid supplies with us at all times."

steven_clegg3.jpg Steven Clegg


Vanuatu is a refreshing country with 83 islands in the archipelago where you can experience the true

island culture of the South Pacific. Indulge yourself as well with the country’s beautiful nature, from

cascading waterfalls to the giant banyan trees to the beautiful beaches and tiny offshore islands.

Port Villa is one of the must-see destinations in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is indeed a place of pleasure and

delightful history.


- all group members arrive by Friday 9th September. Two nights in Port Vila.
- fly to Ambrym Island on Sunday, 11th Sept.
- one night in village, two nights on volcano, two additional nights in traditional village.
- return flight to Port Vila on Friday 16th Sept.
- Group members are on their own from 17th onward.  We can assist with
anyone wishing to stay on for further activities.


As you arrive in Vanuatu’s charming capital Port Vila you will see the
small ‘city’ of 30,000 people surrounded by turquoise waters, long lagoons
and bustling local markets. While on Efate Island you will have access to
the largest local produce and handicrafts market in the Pacific Islands.
You will have access to pristine waterfalls, islets, world class SCUBA
diving.  The gems of Vanuatu truly are its resilient people with their
genuine gleaming smiles and shameless giggling laughter.


Ambrym Island is associated with dark magic and mystery and a stronghold
for Vanuatu culture dating thousands of years. The entire island is a
volcano rising 1300m out of the ocean and host to several constantly
erupting lava lakes – something only a few volcanoes in the world can boast
and the object of Steven's passion as a volcanologist.

Among the highlights of this trip will be a 2-night camping expedition to
the volcanic summit where you will traverse the alien landscape of the
volcanic ash plain and experience an up-close encounter with the largest of
the massive churning active lava lakes of the Ambrym Volcano. From a safe
distance in your comfortable tent you will get the unbelievable view of a
glowing crimson cloud rising above horizon throughout the night.

Experience the genuine mystical culture unique to Ambrym and the daily life
for its inhabitants.  You will have access to and photo opportunities with
some of the most feared and respected cultural chiefs in all of the
Pacific.  These taboo chiefs will allow us to participate in traditional
ceremonies and we will have permission to photograph them in their full
customary clothing, dancing and singing and invoking sacred spirits on
their ancient ceremonial grounds.

In the evenings, we will enjoy local food and invited to participate in the
traditional kava ceremonies. There will be no tourists to trip over or to
share the 3 kilometer beach, only locals traveling between villages and
school children splashing after classes.  Ni-Vanuatu people will be curious
about you and your life, so you will have many opportunities to share your
own life while getting a glimpse of theirs. Sleeping in ocean-side
bungalows we will have a view of brilliant sunsets caused from the wafting
volcanic cloud across the vast horizon and amazing starlight views of the
southern hemisphere sky.

We will end our journey back in Port Vila for one night to return for a
relaxing night enjoying modern conveniences. When you leave Vanuatu you
will have new friends and an unforgettable journey, not to mention some
amazing photographs. This will most likely be the only time Steven will take a

group on this trip, so don’t miss the opportunity.

The following fees for this expedition include all accommodations in-country, domestic round trip flight to Ambrym Island,

ground and boat transportation, liaison, and entrance fees.

Excluded expenses include travel insurance, any medical expenses, any elective excursions before or after the official tour,

all meals in Port Villa and all alcoholic beverages plus international airfare to and from Port Villa from your home country.

A deposit of $1000 is required to hold a seat with final payments due by August 15, 2016. Payments can be made in

Thai baht to our account in Bangkok or in USD$ via paypal. Instructions will be provided to serious inquiries. Final

payment amounts will be determined by the total number of travellers as indicated below.

If you sign up and pay the the $1000 deposit by July 15, 2016, we are offering a $100 discount.

• minimum 4 travellers                        $2400 per person
• 5 travellers                                      $2300  “
• 6 travellers                                      $2200  “          
• 7-8-9-10 maximum travelers               $2100   “

We think you will agree that this is a once in a lifetime trip, to travel with a native son to an island paradise

that few travellers will ever have the opportunity to experience. Do not miss this trip.

DK Khattiya, Dennie Cody and Steven Clegg