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This is your opportunity to spend a day shooting in the amazing city of Bangkok with a professional photographer who grew up in this ancient crossroads of the world. You will learn photographic techniques while experiencing the city on a truly intimate level with Duangkamon Khattiya or ”DK” as she is known and her husband, myself, Dennie Cody.


DK knows the secrets of this city as only someone who was born and raised here can. Because she speaks their language, she makes your experience a free and easy journey as she introduces you to the people and the places that make this the most unique and unusual city in the world. From the exotic temples to the humblest people on the street, she brings their stories to life as you experience them with us.


Each day is created around you and is not a repetitious preprogrammed excursion. Every time we go out it is to a different venue, designed to fit your specific interests and photographic goals. We specialize in the serendipity of adventure to find the events of life which tell the story of Bangkok. On past outings we have encountered a Nepalese wedding in a Hindu Temple, Chinese body builders, shoe makers doing high heeled shoes, Buddha factories, classic auto bodyshops, Muslim community gatherings and fighting rooster farms just to name a few, but we always find a multitude of vibrant visuals of Bangkok waiting to be discovered. If you are a resident photographer, a traveler or a visiting photographer you can book us for a photographic tour of Bangkok, the City of Angels. Enjoy Serendipity with us!

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  • Full Day - $500 USD (approximately 16,500 Baht adjusted for the exchange rate on the day of
    payment) (7 hours including travel time) does not include entrance fees.

  • Half Day - $275 USD (approximately 9,000 Baht adjusted for the exchange rate on the day of payment (3 hours including travel time) does not include entrance fees. Two or more half days will be discounted by 10 %.

     • Each addtional person added at 50% of the fee


     ••• Ask about our discount for
           "Bangkok Photographers Group" members
           and repeat customers.