Andrew Birne

British photographer stationed in Moscow

As an enthusiastic but thoroughly inexperienced photographer, I knew that I would need an experienced photographer to help me if I were to make the most of my time in Bangkok, where I hoped to get off the beaten track. I could not have asked for a better introduction to 'real' Bangkok than Dennie and DK provided as they worked seamlessly as a team. 

Dennie took the role of my teacher. He was warm and encouraging but also diligent. I think of myself as a relatively competent photographer and this was not my first photo tour. Yet through careful questioning Dennie was able to ascertain my level of knowledge very quickly and to my surprise, advise on how I could alter my technique and so improve my photos within minutes of our meeting. During the two days Dennie was always by my side, offering little nuggets of information to help me get the shot. 

As a native Thai, DK provides a window into the local culture. She would step in to explain whenever I had a question about Bangkok, Thailand, the food or the people. With her charm and persuasiveness, she easily convinced passers-by, street stall owners and others to pose for my camera. Crucially, too, she got on so well with Elaine, my wife, who – though not a photographer - joined us for the first day of the tour. Elaine said afterwards that she had a fantastic time and regretted not joining us for the second day! 

Dennie and DK's complementary skills proved to be perhaps the most unexpected benefit of spending time with a husband and wife team rather than a single photographer. I could ask questions on any aspect of photography and they not only responded expertly but could also offer different perspectives. Fascinating. (As an aside, you may note from the website that they teach everything from making the most of your point and shoot camera through professional lighting set-ups – you request it, they can do it). 

So how do you spend two days off the beaten track in Bangkok with Dennie and DK?

Day one focused on Bangkok by night. We visited some fascinating local sites then headed to the river for sunset. We spent a snap-happy couple of hours making the best of a wonderful evening, before moving on to shoot some of Bangkok's sights by night. 

Day two started at a floating market – just 15 minutes from where we were staying and not a single tourist! Sorry, you'll have to enlist Dennie and DK if you want to know where it is, as I couldn't find it again. Other sites included a Buddhist temple where people prayed for good luck to a two headed baby, the main railway station where we saw the Royal Train, an open air Chinese weight-lifting park where a tattoo covered, muscle bound film extra posed for us, and a Hindu temple where the friendly locals served us chai! What a day. And yes, some great photos to remember it by! 

Overall, I cannot recommend Dennie and DK highly enough. Next time I am in Bangkok I plan to look them up again.