dcdk.jpgDk and I created Portfolio Therapy to provide a vehicle for photographers to find a path "To Become Better Photographers". We offer workshops, seminars and private sessions to those who seek to improve their photo skills in a positive atmosphere of motivation and inspiration. We encourage beginners, advanced amateurs, emerging professionals and working professionals to follow their dreams of producing great new images with their newly learned skills and new found creative vision as they work with us in our training classes. Our flexible approach eskews the rigid class room approach for our friendly 'hands-on' learning experience in a personal setting. Come join us and let's make awesome photographs together.


Dennie Cody and his wife Duangkamon Khattiya, are professional photographers who specialize in lifestyle and travel photography for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. He and Dk are contributing photographers to Getty ImagesMasterfile and Alamy with extensive collections in each agency. They have traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and Europe, as well as the United StatesAfrica and the Caribbean. Their photographs have been published in many books and international publications with over 31 years of stock photos sales worldwide.


Dennie, a native of Colorado and a graduate of Colorado State University, has been working as a professional photographer for over 40 years. He spearheaded the “Picture South Florida” project, which received national acclaim. For three years, he was the President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) for three terms and then was elected to the ASMP National Board of Directors for four years. He served as the National Chairman of the ASMP project celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Photography, known as “Ten Thousand Eyes” which culminated in a national photographic exhibition at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, and the publication of the book entitled, "Ten Thousand Eyes" (Thomasson-Grant). Dennie served on the ASMP South Florida Board of Directors for over 20 years.


In 1983, Dennie was shooting at a ranch in west Miami when he spotted a young girl riding a horse that he felt had potential as a model. He talked to her mother and they agreed to do a photo session, which led to her being signed by the Ford modeling agency. He had discovered Christy Turlington who became one of "The Supermodels" and was chosen by the Museum of Art in New York to be the face for all their fashion mannequins.


DK with her Thai origins, international experiences, a love of nature, art and an enthusiasm for teaching, these are the traits which define DK's talents and which are reflected in her photographic work. She is a graduate of  Sri Nakarinwirot University in Thailand and  FIU (Florida International University) in Art and English with a minor in Computer Programming. As Dennie’s partner in life and work for 18 years, DK has worked on many photographic projects for corporate clients and has achieved many accolades for her way of seeing the world. Her positive and optimistic personality shines through her art. DK is a general member of ASMP. She teaches photography classes and workshops, where her expertise with computer and software technology especially in Photoshop and Post Production Editng constitutes a vital part of their educational program through Portfolio Therapy. She brings an in depth knowledge of editing software to the sessions where students find her ability to successfully impart that information provides a valuable source of understanding and increased capability from the instruction she gives.



Together they bring the benefit of their joint experience and understanding to the production of images. Their backgrounds, from the West and from the East, bring different sensibilities to the resolution of the visual solution for each photographic project. They also apply the team approach with two perspectives to their teaching and educational work when sharing information with students.
 They have a total of 11 books to their credit ranging from such titles as "Angkor Wat, the Divine Realization"; "Inner Mongolia"; "Those Sexy '70s" and the "Devatas, the Guardian Angels of Angkor Wat" to "Out of Place" a compendium of their travel photography.  They are currently each working on a new book and plan to continue adding titles to their  growing collection. Their archives are reflective of the wide range of subjects they have photographed over the years.
Today, they lead photo tours to favourite photographic locations in southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Angkor Wat, Vietnam, Laos as well as a multitude of historical and scenic sites in Thailand. They are also mentors and teachers to young emerging photographers sharing their years of experience and accumulated knowledge through workshops, photo classes and 1 on 1 private sessions.
Together they are excited about the future, looking forward to the next expedition to an exotic destination and the opportunity to share with the world and you, their photographic vision.